The Kellstadt Marketing Group (KMG) is a community of DePaul University graduate students, faculty and alumni who are interested and involved in the practice and learning of marketing.

We focus on providing our members with the resources, knowledge and connections to become successful marketing professionals. In addition to providing a hub for professional networking, KMG also provides educational programs that enrich the graduate and experienced professionals’ careers.

We are committed to upholding and promoting the highest professional standards in our industry.

Below is a description of each officer position. Committee member positions, which assist officer positions (sometimes in multiple areas) are also available.


Responsible for executive leadership, long term sustainability strategy and planning, business development, funding, and university relations.

Vice President of Strategic Execution 

Leads all VP in meeting their departmental objectives aligned with organizational vision by ensuring they have the tools they need and the committee help to get the job done.

VP of Events 

The VP of Events is responsible for strategic and logistical coordination of several KMG hosted and sponsored events. This person will work closely with VP of Corporate Relations, Membership, Social Media, and Communications to identify speakers and messaging. Work with group to develop events and delegate responsibilities.

Vice President of Finance

The Vice President of Finance is responsible for working with each department to determine budget needs and developing and maintaining a budget. VP of Finance will also work with VP of Admin and Presidents to determine committee budgets.

Vice President of Administration

Works with department heads to create committee objectives and liase with Finance to designate committee budgets.  Will work with VP of Member Relations, VP of Alumni Relations, and VP of Corporate Relations & Events to maintain membership and event databases.  Will work with department heads to manage all projects. Will find and secure rooms for meeting/event locations and keep a written record of all board meeting minutes.

Vice President of Career Development

Creates programs for career development events, informational interview events, resume reviews, interview prep group. 
VP of Membership

The VP of Membership is responsible for building relationships and communicate with alumni, perspective students, full- time and part-time students and greater MBA community, will be in charge of membership growth, maintaining membership database, inbox management, and attending open houses to recruit new members and volunteers.

VP of Global Strategy 

Responsible for incorporating a global perspective in KMG events and in charge of organizing the International Student Series.

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Working with the KMG network, including faculty advisor, to reach out to Marketing executives to develop relationships, bring them in to present at events and participate in events. Refer opportunities to the President and manage corporate events and networking mixers.

Vice President of Brand Management 

The Vice President of Brand Management is responsible for increasing awareness, value, consistency and clarity of the KMG brand. Work with VP of Membership, Communications and Social Media to communicate and monitor the success and reach of our events. This person will also identify opportunities to increase KMG Brand awareness within the DePaul community, the AMA, and the Chicago marketing community.

Vice President of Communications 

The Vice President of Communications is responsible for ensuring clarity and consistency of KMG messages amongst all communication channels, in addition to general outreach. This person will create communications timelines/strategy supporting KMG events. The VP of Communications will also help in updating the website with event recaps, member and alumni spotlights, board blogs, blog posts and more.

Vice President of Social Media 

The Vice President of Social Media is responsible for ensuring clarity and consistency of KMG messages amongst all social media channels. This person will need to be engaging on our platforms regarding our brand, events and community events.

Vice President of Marketing Analytics

The VP of Marketing Analytics is responsible for developing a system and metrics to track the effectiveness of KMG events and provide insights on how to expand the group to reach more demographics. This person will also engage with the DePaul Marketing community.


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