Alumni Spotlight: Stuart Schisgall

By Amanda Blumeyer

An entrepreneur who started his own digital marketing company, Searics, Stuart stepped out of his comfort zone to build skills in marketing and sales. Hear about Stuart’s MBA experience, which includes representing Kellstadt to meet Warren Buffett.

What marketing class at DePaul was most valuable to you and why?

 Stuart Schisgall, MBA, Senior Digital Strategist at AbelsonTaylor. DePaul Class of 2017

Stuart Schisgall, MBA, Senior Digital Strategist at AbelsonTaylor. DePaul Class of 2017

Zafar Iqbal’s Analytical Tools for Marketers – the content of this class was new to me and challenging. Additionally, there were many projects and reports due during the semester, and it was a perfect balance of group and individual work. Ultimately, the class was valuable as I was always learning new methods, and my teammates helped push me to grow as a student and professional. Each partner was an integral part of the process and the final product was a resounding success for the team and each member.

Is there a marketing class you wish you’d taken during your time at DePaul but didn’t? Which one and why?

As I peruse the class offerings I think Consulting Skills may have been a great addition to my MBA program as many of my marketing projects are consultative in nature and I’m hired as an advisor instead of just viewed as an employee in many of my projects.

What lessons did you take away from your time at DePaul that you use in your career today?

Networking was an essential element of my time at Kellstadt and throughout the MBA. While Dr. Whalen’s Effective Business Communication course was the closest class I’ve taken to improve my awareness of how to communicate more effectively, the ability to meet new people and build rapport with them quickly is one of the greatest skills that the MBA Association assisted me with.

Additionally, the MBA required me to take classes that were challenging and new to me both academically and professionally. I think stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to achieve personal growth and my MBA allowed me to continually develop the skill of creating a plan on how to effectively approach novel situations and projects at work and in life.

Do you have any recommendations for current students on how to get the most out of their experience at DePaul?

The Kellstadt program is mostly a part-time program so it’s essential to stay involved to build meaningful relationships with your classmates and professors. There are three things that I’d recommend for any student at Kellstadt:

  1. Get involved with a student run organization and take a leadership role in that organization. I was on the Board of the MBAA and the relationships I made through the MBAA organization led to some of the most meaningful relationships and friendships I had at Kellstadt.

  2. When Kellstadt offers a unique opportunity, take advantage of it. Weeks after starting my MBA students had the opportunity to represent Kellstadt to meet Warren Buffett. It took a couple hours to think of my responses to the questions to be selected to meet Mr. Buffett, but the opportunity to bond over a short trip with other classmates and meet Mr. Buffett was the most interesting experience I had at Kellstadt.

  3. Get to know your professors. There were so many professors at Kellstadt that were willing to help me with projects and other challenges one faces throughout their MBA program and building those bonds really helped create a more meaningful learning environment for myself and helped me feel more connected to the MBA.

How do you go about networking? What recommendations do you have for current students who are looking to grow their network?

Networking is a continual element of life. You never stop networking and it should be done face to face whenever possible (not on LinkedIn). As an alum I’ve registered to the DePaul alumni network and attend events whenever possible and try to attend other alumni or business networking events weekly to keep growing my network and stay abreast of items within digital marketing.

For students, I’d highly suggest taking a leadership role on a student run organization and join the MBAA. Go to the events whenever they’re held and try to meet new people each time. Don’t just hang out with people you already know. Yes, that’s more comfortable but if you can make one meaningful connection at each networking event I think that’s a success. I wouldn’t focus on the quantity of people you meet, rather focus on making meaningful connections in the classroom, as part of a student organization and at the networking events. It’s easy to identify people who are just trying to pitch themselves so focus on quality, not quantity.

What's next in your career path?

I started my own digital marketing company, Searics, LLC last year and I’m trying to grow that all the time while continuing to work at an advertising agency. Ultimately, I’ve found a niche as a marketer and a salesperson and have found the most joy professionally when I’m able to merge those two skillsets and growing my company has been the perfect opportunity to merge these two skills.

Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Galvez

By Amanda Blumeyer

We recently got to chat with Andrea about her experience at DePaul, check out her wonderful insights!

 Andrea Galvez, Director of Marketing & Member experience at CFSI

Andrea Galvez, Director of Marketing & Member experience at CFSI

When did you graduate from Kellstadt and what was your degree concentration?

In August, 2018 - just a few months ago! I have a dual concentration MBA in Marketing Strategy & Planning and Leadership & Change Management. 

Why did you decide to go to grad school and why did you choose DePaul?

I chose DePaul because their business network is impressive and the commitment to viewing business as more than just the bottom line was important to me. Learning that there are multiple stakeholders, not just shareholders, for whom businesses need to optimize value, resonated with me. 


What lessons did you take away from your time at Kellstadt that you use in your current role as Director, Marketing & Member Experience at CFSI?

Wow - so many! Coming from a marketing background, learning to talk the talk of my other colleagues, across finance, operations, research, was such an eye-opener. I didn't realize how little I knew before my MBA. Courses in the management department have helped me identify my weaknesses as a manager and gave me concrete tools to improve those skills.  

What marketing class at DePaul was most valuable to you and why?

This is tough! Can I say it was a tie between two courses? One was tactical and the other strategic and I think they were both so valuable to me:

·       MKT 540 (Developing Sustainable Business Models) with Iqbal Zafar

·       MKT 536 (Pricing Strategy) with Tim Smith

Both are not to be missed. You'll work hard, but you'll learn more than you could imagine. 

Is there a marketing class you wish you’d taken during your time at DePaul but didn’t? Which one and why?

No - I mean, I'd love to take them all! But was happy to explore outside of marketing, where I've spent my career and already have a solid foundation. 

Do you have any recommendations for current students on how to get the most out of their experience at DePaul?

Get involved! I was on the board of Graduate Women in Business and made awesome friendships. I'd say, use all the resources Kellstadt offers you, which includes reaching out to professors, utilizing the career center, and take advantage of your free access to publications in the A-Z library.

How do you go about networking? What recommendations do you have for current students who are looking to grow their network?

Very few people love to network. I'd suggest joining a student organization. It will make you be committed to attending your group's events, and puts you in a "host" role that makes it much more natural to approach people and get to know them than if you were just attending. But you just have to have confidence that you can bring something of value to the conversation and then go do it!  

What are your career goals or where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I love strategy and building teams. In the next 5 years I'd like to expand on my experience to play a bigger role in growing a business. I'd like to learn as much as I can as I strive toward a C-suite position; the social value the company is bringing to this world is very important to me - I want to help a company grow that is also creating a positive difference.  


Alumni Spotlight: Rosemary Griesmer

By Amanda Blumeyer

As part of our Highlight series, we're shining a light on notable Kellstadt alumni. Get inspired by their success stories and learn how to make the most of your time at DePaul.

 Rosemary Griesmer, Head of Global Marketing – Elavon  DePaul – Class of 1996

Rosemary Griesmer, Head of Global Marketing – Elavon

DePaul – Class of 1996

What is your academic background?

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Ohio State University, and then I went through the evening MBA program at DePaul, specializing in Finance. Since I had the foundation in marketing already, I wanted to focus my Master’s studies on more of the financial aspects – interpreting income statements, understanding company performance, etc.

Which marketing class at DePaul was most valuable to you and why?

So many courses were memorable, but one that stands out was a business communications course – I believe it’s now MKT 576: Effective Business Communications – which I took with Professor Whalen. At the time I was not a confident public speaker, but in my current role it’s a rare day when I’m not in front of a group of people presenting an idea. The ability to effectively articulate a pitch, ask for funding, or clearly present an argument is so critical to success at any level in our careers.

I vividly recall the time in Professor Whalen’s class where we were videotaped giving presentations.  He had a genius hack (not that we used that term back in the day!) of re-playing the footage in fast-forward. This dramatically highlights a speaker’s physical tics – things like unconsciously shifting back and forth from foot to foot, repeated gesturing, putting your hair behind you ear, etc. - and can diminish your ability to effectively deliver your message. Being cognizant of these kind of subconscious things is so important when you’re presenting, and Professor Whalen was instrumental in helping me improve this critical skill.

Is there a marketing class you wish you’d taken during your time at DePaul but didn’t? Which one and why?

I was looking on DePaul’s website and noticed MKT 583: Monetizing Marketing Strategy. ROI-centric marketing is an expectation in today’s economy. The ability to tie marketing expenses to revenue contribution is critical – tracking and analyzing lead attribution, understanding the conversion of leads to opportunities and then closed wins, for example.  Getting access to this data is certainly easier with today’s technology, and the art of quantifying and articulating how any marketing programs contribute to overall company performance is well worth the time and effort. I certainly wish I’d taken a class like MKT 583 when was at DePaul!

How do you go about networking? What recommendations do you have for current students who are looking to grow their network?

I encourage anyone to invest time in networking. When I was living in Chicago and attending DePaul, I participated in a women’s mentoring program where young women just starting out in our careers were paired with high-profile female leaders in their industries. It’s so important to have the opportunity to learn from people who have already gone through similar challenges you may be facing at work today.

Here in Atlanta, Elavon is a major sponsor for Technology Association of Georgia, and their events are a great resource for networking, as just one example. It’s not just about who you meet at these events – though that’s important, too – but it’s also about the topics of conversation. What you find is that your counterparts at other firms are encountering the same issues across the board in any given industry. Struggles are shared universally. The discussions you have at a networking event can be so helpful; your peers can often provide fresh perspectives on the same issues you’re encountering. You might learn about a new software or training program utilized successfully at another company, which you might be able to implement into your own.

What's next in your career path?

I started my career in sales at JCB, a Japanese credit card company, which is when I was enrolled in DePaul’s evening MBA program. After a relocation to Atlanta in time for the 1996 Olympics here, I transitioned to business development and product marketing at Equifax, followed by a brief stint in supply chain management field marketing at Manhattan Associates. This ultimately led to a global product marketing role four years ago at Elavon, the payments subsidiary of US Bank.

I’ve recently been promoted to SVP & Head of Global Marketing at Elavon. It’s an exciting time for our business; US Bank has a keen focus on the fintech space, and is committed to further strengthening Elavon’s competitive position in eCommerce and integrated payments. In an industry known for disruptors and technological innovation, it’s a privilege to be leading the transformation of our marketing team’s organizational structure, skills and tools to contribute to our company’s success. We’ve grown our North American marketing team by 40% in the last six months, and have a similar initiative underway in the EU, so there’s never a dull day!

Event Roundup: November 2018

The quarter is nearly done but there’s still many great events around DePaul and Chicago. Check them out!

KMG Event: Book talk and signing: Building career relationships

Tuesday, November 6, 1 E Jackson Blvd, Coleman Center Room 7900, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m., Free

For one special night, Professor Mourey will be giving a behind-the-scenes look at his new book, and talk about how to build relationships to advance your career. Fans will be able to get their books signed at this event! RSVP

DePaul MBA Association: Career Change Panel

Career Panel 2.png

Wednesday, November 7, 1 E Jackson Blvd, Room 8010, 5:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m. Free

Join the MBA Association in their fall kick off event! Hear from DePaul Kellstadt alumni on how they leveraged their MBA to achieve their career goals. Light refreshments will be served. Companies represented: National Restaurant Association, Navigant, Ernst&Young, Northern Trust. RSVP on handshake

Marketing Tech Tools Throwdown presented by ANA Associate Board

Wednesday, November 7, 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m., 350 North Orleans Street #9000, Chicago $20

In today’s landscape, digital is everywhere. In this event, experts from Walker Sands and Motorola will talk about best practices and real-time advice on best digital marketing tools. RSVP

Global Growth Marketing Virtual Summit

Thursday, November 8, 8:00a.m.-10 p.m, Online. Free

This is your opportunity to learn the lead generation and acquisition strategies used by some of the fastest-growing B2Bs including AWS and Docusign and B2Cs including Uber, Pinterest, and The Muse – right from your desktop or mobile device. RSVP

Making Moves: Marketing

Friday, November 9, 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, Suite #800 - Free

This one is for all the licensed realtors out there - learn how to take universal marketing concepts and apply them to your real estate business, then build a lead generation engine that delivers consistent results. RSVP

How to Use HubSpot for Account-Based Marketing

Wednesday, November 14, 12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Mojo Media Labs, 3304 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago - Free

Targeting a set list of clients is nothing new to seasoned professionals. So how can you use HubSpot's features to best utilize the Account-Based Marketing methodology? Mike Rose, Mojo Media Labs CEO and HubSpot Academy's ABM professor will lead this dynamic session. RSVP

Digital Influencers Meet PR & Marketing Pros

Thursday, November 15, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. 20 West Kinzie Street, 17th floor, Chicago - Free

This series will focus on how bloggers, social media influencers, and public relations professionals can come together to deliver a campaign that drives an impactful experience for shared audiences.  RSVP

CDM Media open house


Friday, November 16, 4:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m., 20 West Kinzie Street, Chicago - Free

Upcoming graduates can come and chat with current CDM'ers on all aspects of the B2B sales and marketing world while also being able to network with CDM's Talent Acquisition team. Receive an office tour and gain insight to the B2B events that CDM Media executes. RSVP on handshake

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 22

Happy Thanksgiving from the KMG Team. Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday.

See you soon at the start of DePaul’s winter quarter!


Faculty Highlight: Joel Whalen

By Amanda Blumeyer

Throughout the year, KMG will be featuring interviews with various faculty members in the Marketing department. Their guidance, professional experience, and educational support is valued by students in all concentrations. Learn more about our first Faculty Highlight with a professor who’s been at DePaul University for 32 years: Professor Joel Whalen.

How long have you been with DePaul, and what courses do you teach?

I started at DePaul in 1986 and have been with the University for the past 32 years. I lead a team of 12 professors, all of whom teach “Effective Business Communication”. The course is required at the undergraduate level and is offered as an elective to MBA/MS students.

How did you come to be a Communications professor?

I began my career in Broadcast TV/Radio at the age of 15 when I took a position as a disc jockey in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I continued that career path into my college years until I took a break to work with my father selling cars at his dealership. From there, I got a call from the #1 radio station in Miami, so I returned back to on-air broadcast management until I decided to pursue a graduate degree in Advertising.

In graduate school, my goal was to earn my PhD so that I would have the credentials necessary to be an advertising consultant. Various detours along the way included a stint as a VP of Marketing at a structural engineering company as well as working at my childhood friend’s real estate development company.

Finally, one thing led to another, and I got a call from DePaul University – they were in need of an Advertising professor. I had never planned to work in academia, but my background in advertising caught their eye and they recruited me. I am lucky to be at DePaul because we value our students, have a broad network of passionate teachers, and work closely with the Chicagoland business community.

How did you go about developing the course on “Effective Business Communication”?

Our goal was to develop a class that would improve students’ ability to communicate in real-world contexts. We wanted to teach skills, not just knowledge - things that could be practically applied in the workforce. So, we put together a network of alumni and developed ideas on how to best communicate in different scenarios. We analyzed what went well and then applied that to a classroom context. That was in the mid-90’s and the class has been growing and evolving ever since.

In your professional life, what has changed the most in the field of communication?

Communication has had three major evolutions over time:

  1. First, the focus was solely on the words the presenter said. These were the days of Aristotle and Plato. It was all about logic and rhetoric, and how you went about crafting your story – very “ethos, pathos, logos.”

  2. From there, it evolved into a more complex communication based on your behavior. It was all about your tone of voice and your body language. Words became secondary to the behavior you exhibited while communicating.

  3. Today, we’re in a stage where communication is driven by attitude. This is the basis of the “Effective Business Communications” course. It’s about feeling comfortable and confident while you’re presenting. Speakers should be able to feel like themselves, that way they can pause and think throughout their presentation.

And of course, technology plays a role in various forms of communication. You’ll craft your message entirely differently if you’re writing a post card vs. writing online.

What changes are you noticing in the business world that affect how people do business?

In recent years, senior management at Fortune 500 companies have begun being compensated based on stock options, not cash flows, which means their focus is entirely on quarterly earnings per share. Financial acumen is more important than anything.

This means that people are being promoted into leadership roles based on their knowledge of financial policy, not because they have the communications skills and leadership sensibilities to truly belong there. The focus is on corporate acquisition, not building talent, and companies are losing their desire to innovate or develop new products.

The other effect this is having is that lower-level employees are getting fired more frequently so that the company can save money on salary expenses. In some cases, management views their employees as disposable, and employees are reacting in kind by not trying as hard.

We need to change the way senior managements are coming into being so that the focus switches back from office politics to advancing employees who are relationship-builders.

What are the most critical tools/capabilities MBA/MS students need to learn?

I would say there are three critical capabilities that all MBA students should have:

  1. Managing their attitudes and anxiety

  2. Understanding how different people receive information– what frightens and excites them – and how to use that knowledge to communicate more effectively

  3. How to package your message across different mediums

What is one marketing class you don't teach that you'd recommend a student take?

  • Professor Zafar Iqbal has a course on “Analytical Tools for Marketers” that is excellent. (MKT 534)

  • The Sales Leadership team also offers a course on “Monetizing Marketing Strategy” that shouldn’t be missed. It covers advanced evaluation of sales in order to translate into financial decision-making. (MKT 583)

 D. Joel Whalen PhD - Associate Professor, Marketing

D. Joel Whalen PhD - Associate Professor, Marketing

Congratulations Professor Zafar Iqbal for 20 YEARS at DePaul

One remarkable man... an educator, mentor, friend, leader, and role model.

Earlier this year, we asked students, alumni, faculty and friends to send us photos and memories to commemorate Professor Zafar's 20 years here at DePaul. The responses we received were beyond anything we imagined. See video compilation here:

Professor Zafar, you are the embodiment of compassion, generosity and goodwill.

Your dedication and commitment to students knows no bounds. You enlighten, empower, uplift, and inspire. Every person you touch, the good in the world multiplies tenfold.

It is because of extraordinary people like you that make DePaul so special and our community continues to flourish across all corners of the globe. We are forever grateful to have such a wonderful teacher and friend.

Here's to 20 more years and beyond!

Event Roundup: October 2018

Some events happening around Chicago and DePaul before the snow hits!

Live Webinar: The Secret Sauce Behind GroupM's Marketing Analytics Platform with SF Data

Monday, October 15, Webinar, 3 p.m.-3:45 p.m., Free

In this tech talk, GroupM – the world's largest media investment group with more than $113.8bn in billings - will join us to discuss their unique challenges and how they created a fast and reliable data analytics platform using Amazon Redshift, Matillion and Tableau. RSVP here

Center for Sales Leadership Interview practice sessions


Monday, October 15, 5 p.m.-8 p.m., 14 E Jackson, Marriott Foundation Room 3rd Floor, Free

Get advice from professionals and our partners on presenting yourself at an interview. You will get one-on-one coaching and feedback to help you shine in an interview. Companies that will be there to help you will be CH Robinson, Amazon Web Services, Pepsi, Groupon, and 3M. Food will be served! RSVP on handshake

Sharing Success: Marketing Tools & Strategies

Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 8 a.m. - 10 a.m. 100 W. North Ave, Chicago - $10 with discount

A panel discussion to learn the latest marketing trends and best practices from some of Lincoln Park’s most successful and innovative marketers.
Alex Cadice (Manager of Social Media Strategy, The Second City); Jana Liles (Director of Marketing and Communications, Victory Gardens Theater); and Rochelle Weiner Carr (Owner and Creative Director, Andiamo Creative). Robin Hammond, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, for the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce.  RSVP with discount code SSDEPAUL18

LinkedIn Workshop with Amazon


Tuesday, October 16th 2018, 5 p.m. - 7 p.m., DePaul Center 1 E Jackson Blvd, DePaul Club room 11th floor, Free

Come join Amazon for a workshop all about making sure your LinkedIn is helping your job search not hurting it. This workshop will be a review of several key components that impact your profile to allow you to set yourself apart from other students. This includes: visual anchors, work experience, professional photos, their URL, headliner, skills, and work experiences. RSVP on handshake

Chicago CreativeConnects: Happy Hour for Creative, Marketing & Digital Professionals

Wednesday, October 17, 5:30 p.m.-8 p.m, Frontier, 1072 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Free

This event provides opportunities for like-minded professionals to meet new people and expand career opportunities. Plus, creative recruiters will be there to answer questions! RSVP required

The Jacobs & Clevenger Case Writers' Workshop

Friday, October 19, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., Northwestern Medill, 303 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 1600, Free
Learn more about real-world situations, hear from five winning case writers and keynote speaker Ron Jacobs, President of Jacobs & Clevenger. RSVP here.

KMG event!! Sport marketing & Branding Panel with Bears and Bulls


Monday, October 22, 5-7 p.m., DePaul Center, 1 E Jackson suite 8005, Free

Interested in sports marketing? Looking to learn more about possible marketing career paths? Join us to discuss current sports marketing trends with marketing leaders from some of Chicago's greatest teams.  RSVP

Full-Day Performance Management Workshop


Friday, October 26, 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., OLC Education & Conference Center (AAOS Building), 9400 W. Higgins Rd., Suite 100, Rosemont, 50% off
A highly interactive workshop to learn the skills required to conduct effective and results-driven performance conversations. Get 50% off by mentioning KMG during registration. RSVP:call The Carroll-Keller Group at 630-495-0505 or 800-869-7497; or email Ken Keller at

The HOT jobs in Marketing


Friday, October 26, 1 p.m-4 p.m., 14 E Jackson, Room 805, Free

Learn about the hottest jobs in the industry and truths about internships from Professor Zafar Iqbal and recruiter Lynn Hazen. DePaul Alumni from Morningstar, Motorola and ConAgra will be on hand to answer all your questions. RSVP on handshake

3 Things We Learned about Networking!

By Fern Visutvattanasak

Hooray! Let’s kick off our very first blog post of the 2018-2019 Academic Year with a very important topic.

One of the biggest buzzwords in business school is “networking”. Have you ever been curious why lots of people talk about networking? Is it really helpful?

There are many ways to build your network while you are still in school, to give you a solid foundation for future opportunities.

  Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Check In

Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Check In

I personally have been to many networking events since I started my journey at DePaul. I never knew that these people I met would turn out to create a meaningful network for me.

At DePaul, there are plenty of resources that you can learn and explore while you are a student such as the career center, alumni sharing network (ASK), student organizations and more! 

The Kellstadt Marketing Group has provided me with valuable experience throughout my journey at DePaul. KMG strives towards its vision to be the best graduate student organization in Chicago and continue growing. Also, KMG connects DePaul graduates with alumni and other professionals by offering a wide range of professional networking, speaker series, educational workshops, and the KMG symposium.

Although I’ve been with the group for a few years now, I’m still learning things at every new KMG event. At our recent Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Happy Hour, there were three key takeaways I had from the event that I wanted to share with you.

  Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Networking

Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Networking

1. Learn from Others

It’s important to discover a new tactic or technique for the job search. Why? Because sometimes this can be the difference between getting just another job and finding a dream career. Every time I go to network, I learn new things. This includes not only getting to know people’s career paths, but also tips you can learn from other successful professionals.

Sometimes people don’t expect to just hear from you. It’s a two-way conversation: they really want to talk more about themselves, and that is a good thing! Even just by having friendly conversations with others, you may find something in common and this helps nurture your relationship. You may find some inspirations and passions from them. Remember: stay hungry for knowledge.

  Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Event

Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Event

2. Get Good Practice

Some of you may think that networking events are just about talking and finding out if there are any job opportunity available for you from other professionals. But these are also opportunities to sharpen your interviewing skills. If you already know people who are going to the event, you may want to do some research on what they are doing, come up with questions for them, and be ready to answer their questions at the same time. Talking about your personal and professional background with people you network with can make real interviews more natural and interactive.

  DePaul Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff

DePaul Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff

3. Help Others in Your Network

What they say is true: you give more than you get. At networking events, we are looking for meaningful connections through which we can help each other. Most of the time when you end a conversation with someone at a networking event, you say “Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with” and exchange contact information. People may or may not ask for favors but at least you let them know that you offer your help to them. I realized that this is how to network effectively. First you help, then you ask others to help you.

  DePaul Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Networking Event

DePaul Fall 2018 KMG Kickoff Networking Event

Event Roundup: September 2018

Fall Festival 2020 (2).png

Psst..Some great (and free) events in September that you shouldn’t miss out on!

Microsoft MBA Sales and MACH Workshop

Friday, September 21, 2-5pm

200 E Randolph St Ste 200

Learn about consultative sales roles at Microsoft from current employees. RSVP here.

KMG Fall Kickoff

Tuesday, September 25, 4:30-6:30 p.m.

DePaul Loop Campus DPC 7900 (Coleman Center)

Join us to kick off the new school year with free food and drinks.

Make more Kellstadt connections, meet DePaul’s marketing faculty, learn about what we do, and enjoy discounted ELITE membership prices. RSVP here.

Chicago Sales Leadership Community Breakfast

Friday, September 28, 7:30-9 a.m. 

DePaul Center, Center for Sales Leadership
Come for a panel discussion on changes in customer decision-making teams. This event will be followed by networking. RSVP here.

Marketing Leaders Community - Journeys in MS Marketing

Friday, September 28, 5:30-7:30 p.m. 

DePaul Center, Room 8005

Calling all MS Marketing students: want to learn more about what doors your degree can help unlock in your future? This free event, organized by Professor Roger Lall, can help you find the key. Panelists include former KMG president Anna Gong, Kate Stevenson, Nathan Chamberlain, and Jordan Tate.  RSVP here.

April 28th: 10th Annual Kellstadt Marketing Symposium

ONE WEEK AWAY. The 10th Annual Kellstadt Marketing Symposium (April 28th) is a graduate business conference featuring an amazing line-up of speakers, panel discussions, networking sessions and more! Join us as we celebrate a DECADE of learning, leadership, and community here at DePaul University. You will have a unique opportunity to learn from business leaders at Amazon, IRI, JPMorgan Chase, Walgreens, Nielsen, Starcom, Nuveen and more! Don't miss out.

Limited # of tickets still available at


Feb 26 - Chipotle Fundraiser (10 E Jackson)

Join us! On February 26th 4-8pm, we're holding a special fundraising event. 

If you make a purchase at CHIPOTLE (10 E. Jackson), 50% of proceeds will go directly to DePaul!

So dash across the street to grab a burrito before class, or meet with friends to taco 'bout your group project.  

Just flash the cashier the below flyer. 

Go ahead and get the guac -- it's for a good cause! 


How to Stand Out as a Marketing Applicant

Tom cites a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit; it revealed that candidates with a higher proficiency in HTML and CSS coding, data analytics, and graphic design are getting ahead of others. If you aren’t sure if you are proficient enough to put it on your resume, the best thing to do is take a course, shadow a marketer, or simply start reading from reputable sources on the subject.

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American Consumers and Social Media

For a company like Facebook to successfully compete in online retail, they would need to seriously improve the users' perceptions of their social marketplace's security, privacy, and legitimacy. Perhaps Craigslist and eBay may need to be weary of a future threat from the Facebook Marketplace if these issues are significantly mitigated in minds of their huge user base. 

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