7 Important Hacks For Effective Social Media Marketing

In a recent article on forbes.com, Jimmy Rohampton lays out important tips on how to increase the effectiveness for successful social media marketing.

  1. Organize the content of your postings to attract more followers

  2. Tag a prominent social media user to increase the chances of spreading your message to wider audiences

  3. Draw attention to the timing of your posts on social media

  4. Follow trends on social media sites to get your brand involved in more online discussions

  5. Use social media tools such as IFTTT to manage your business’ online profiles

  6. Launching contents to promote interest in your product and to spread awareness of both the content and your brand

  7. Use tact when following people on social media- try aiming to connect with people who are in your business field

These 7 tips are just a few examples among seemingly endless possibilities to perform better on social media by driving more engagement, broadening reach, and most importantly increasing the ROI.  Check out the article if you would like a further explanation of each tip!