Dating with Unstructured Data

Majority of consumer data is now unstructured. We use Deep Learning algorithms to unlock hidden insights from brand/consumer/patient narratives, reports and images. Presentation includes 3 case studies to improve understanding of brand personality from a theoretical perspective, extracting consumer biometrics from publicly disclosed images and predicting human impressions with decision intelligence.

Speaker: Utku Pamuksuz - University of Chicago

New Realities: Creating unforgettable branding experiences (Panel)

Recent years have seen brand marketing move in many new directions. Companies look for ways to intertwine customers with their brands through creating experiences such as pop-up stores, online experiences, and themed restaurants. Younger consumers are demanding brands to have a clear position and purpose that are meaningful to them. Meanwhile, savvy digital brands continue to enter the market, retro is making a comeback, and influencers continue to be strong spokespeople for brands. We look into this new disruptive space and discuss how brand marketing will evolve over the next century.

Lets talk about Gen Z

Millennials have been the forefront of discussions for many years - it’s time to pivot our mindsets and shift the focus towards Gen Z. An emerging consumer based with a buying power of $44 billion, Gen Zs are expected to account for 40% of all consumers by 2020. Being the first generation born into a digitally connected world, this group is tech savvy and won’t hesitate to do their research before making a purchase. This presentation will discuss how companies can successfully market to this group.

Speaker: Becky Thomas - Be Greater Consulting

It takes a daring soul to pave a new pathway. Hear the stories of those who evolved their careers, and how they continue to integrate prior learning in new fields. Moderated by crowd favorite Professor Zafar Iqbal, this panel invites individuals from various stages of career transitions, from those who just started a new college degree, to business owners who made the transition over 10 years ago.

Career evolution - stories of transition and courage

Exploring Virtual and Augmented reality

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are rapidly emerging technologies that are increasingly being integrated into our everyday lives. Hear from The President of VRAR Association, Chicago Chapter about how AR and VR is being used in marketing, e-commerce and digital, and how businesses can start adopting this new technology.

Speaker: Matthew Wren - VRAR Association, Chicago

With new innovations such as blockchain loyalty, discussions around the strategy of loyalty programs becomes increasingly interesting. This panel will explore loyalty from many angles - CPG, managing transnational customers, as well as client relationships on the agency side. Are paid, tiered loyalty programs still relevant? Do referrals work? How has data helped marketers better manage their customers? Join us in this lively discussion on all things loyalty

Revitalizing customer loyalty through innovation and technology (panel)